Monday, November 21, 2016

Wayne McAlpine is a moron

This is evidenced in the fact that he posted that I have admitted that I am a "Sexual Predator"!

If I were such a thing, would I post it on my profile? I just did this to see whether he would see it and respond to it. He did, and I think that it is an indication of how you can interpret what he claims about me.

He is threatening me again this time he is claiming that I had sent in a hard drive to his "failed" company OneWorld SafeDisk and that they found "disturbing" images on it. Unless I remove all the "lies" that I have posted about him online he will expose the fact that I have been communicating with people using a pseudonym. OOOhh scary!
It only took him 5 years to come up with the story about me sending in the drive.

While I realise that he is in a current dispute with Wayne Morris Brown (the RamMan) and they are both trading barbs with each other, this latest chapter sees him at a new low.

While I admit that I have been using a pseudonym, this not being neither illegal or unusual, all that I have posted about him is the truth.
Removing all the lies about him will be easy, as I have told none.

In fact, this is a case of "the pot calling the kettle black", as he is doing the same by communicating as, posing as if he were Wayne Morris Brown.

I have no idea what the problem is between the two Waynes. I have failed to get an admission from Joshua Sham about his involvement in all this. I remain steadfast in my claim that you should not do business with either of them.

Joshua Sham told me that he wants to move on with his life without Wayne McAlpine, the fact that he did this with Andy Nagy probably means that this is not true??? In any case I think Wayne needs to have words with Josh, as he did not seem to be the "loyal employee" that he first made out that he was.

Unlike Wayne Morris Brown I do not have a list of customers or suppliers that Wayne McAlpine can contact to spread his own special brand of venom.
Let him try, he could even try complaining to Google again!

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