Saturday, November 26, 2016

Part of an email to me - October 2011

As it seems to be de rigueur to post emails and things from the long-lost-past this is part of one that I receved from Wayne McAlpine.

If you would like to have more of a dialog, lets get on a call together about safe disk. It was a joint venture between bit defender and oneworld to help drive their sales and the project failed. Anyone that purchased safe disk insurance was dealt with. The volumes were not there to support the company, which almost bankrupted the company.

I guess  have to translate here.

safe disk is OneWorldSafeDisk
the company is OneWorld (I guess)
and volumes I think means the amount of business generated by the joint venture
those that purchased  safe disk insurance was dealt with - the customers that sent in their hard drives had the data recovered (but maybe they were just told that it was not possible) - I have no way of knowing.

The inconsistency here is if  had sent in a hard drive the email would not have to tell me that fact - my original posting was that I thought the $14.99 was a little cheap for this service. A flaw in the business plan.
Wayne McAlpine has just claimed, November 2016, that I had sent in a hard drive for recovery on which Wayne McAlpine had found "disturbing images". This is an absolute nonsense and I would suggest that this is the latest attempt at making up stories to discredit me.

As I didn't remove the personal information I posted on him he started a campaign of his own by registering a domain in the name of someone that he thought I worked for and then posting links to articles that he had found on the Internet that reflected negatively on that company. This was my basis for my Comment on Dubious Business Practices.

The information was not personal at it was the address that he carried out the OneWorld empire.

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