Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Acer Customer Service - Chapter 3

I am impressed - well so far I am, I have yet to see the repaired computer and see what they had done with it.

I dropped the computer off at the FedEx depot at around 2pm on a Monday and it was guaranteed delevery by noon on Tuesday. Just for fun, not expecting the status on the case to have changed I checked back on the Acer support page around mid afternoon on the Tuesday. The status had changed to "Being repaired", I didn't even have to check the FedEx tracking but it confirmed that it had been delivered and signed for, I was expecting that Acer were going to take their time and maybe have a problem with the fact that I had shipped without a battery. As it turns out, that may well be the best thing to do when returning for repair. In any case not only was it being repaired when I checked later the status had changed to "Prepared to ship" and I recieved an email saying to expect a tracking number and a shipper.

I also checked back on the Acer support page and the status confirmed the same thing. There was a place for a shipper and tracking number but that hadn't been assigned. I checked again early on Wednesday morning and it had not been updated. I expect that it will either be back on Wednesday or Thursday. This is not bad turn-around as it will have been less than a week.

I will be interested in whether the hard drive has been changed out and if any of the files that were on the computer have been recovered. I somehow doubt that especially if they have changed the drive. In fact if there are files and/or programs still on the computer I will have to open up the computer to see if the drive has been changed. I have the serial number of the original one, and as I was saying before it will be interesting to see if the drive is warranted in Canada this time.

I now suspect that the computer may have been dropped by its original owner and the HDD had been "stressed" thus causing a premature failure. The AO722 was purchased from FutureShop as an "Open Box" so I am unsure of its heritage.

7:00PM Wednesday:
No email or update on the status. It is still ready to ship back to me (aparently) but no shipper or tracking number. Of course no email.



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