Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Dichotomy of HD and Media Availability

This is similar to the dichotomy related to the advent of MP3 (compressed audio) and High Fidelity.

In this case the fact that there is now a lot of HD material available has resulted in the availability of a lot of so-called HD program material. I say "so-called" as the quality is often pretty "low definition" and the name seems to be just a transference of the name of the source material.

Many are now capturing the media that they are subscribing to. This could be in the form of that recorded on PVRs or even direct capture from Cable, ADSL and Satellite services. In any case there is a wealth of material that is now available for download from torrent sites such as TPB and IsoHunt.

The dichotomy is that although subscribers are capable of viewing this material in true HD having purchased equipment capable of this. The providers and producers of this material are more interested than ever in protecting it. The consumers of this material seem to be content with the low quality so much for it being HD!

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