Monday, June 11, 2012

The LimeWire Scam

It is interesting, to me, that an email related to Deep Packet Inspection has an advert for LimeWire P2P generated by GMail.

It is my suspicion that this is an example of an exploitation of the LimeWire name by another entity to cash in on the LimeWire name. It is probably nothing to do with the original LimeWire program or service and it is an attempt to fool those that do not know that LimeWire were subjected to a court injunction to take-down their service in October 2010.

This type of activity is still rife June 2012 so it is a clear indication that the measures taken by so-called "Anti P2P Organizations" are ineffectual in curtailing it.

To be fair it is not an advertising link but a "more about" link. I am not sure how Google generate these.

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