Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface

Announced 19 June 2012

No product, no price and no real indication of when it will be available. (Well, this was the case when I made this post - )

I still have my reservations about Windows 8 and how it fits into the current and future marketplace. As I have said before, "time will tell".

What I do know though, is that a tablet remains to be a curiosity for me. I have owned iPads, a Playbook and a couple of Android tablets - they were fun (I guess) but I still return to what I was using before. I guess that is because I an "old fart".

The reference to getting ahead of oneself was in respect to all the rhetoric that ensued after yesterdays announcement by Balmer.


London, UK said...

get_iplayer on Playbook

The Technology Muse said...

get_iplayer.exe is a command line utility to allow the downloading of BBC TV and Radio.

It can run on a Linux or Windows computer (possibly on a Mac - in the form of a Linux executable) but as the Playbook is entirely a GUI, for the user, it cannot run get_iplayer.

You can use get_iplayer to download programming and transfer it to the Playbook. The Playbook is an excellent device to use to watch iPlayer programmes.