Thursday, June 28, 2012

Commenting on a blog post with the sole purpose of promoting your own company

This post was prompted by a comment left on one of my posts related to my experience with Acer and their customer service.

It was obvious to me that the comment was placed purely as blog spam. The ressons for this conclusion are that the comment was just a link to a website that the commenter was trying to promote, both from the Blogger name and the embedded link in the comment body. In addition the visitor, who searched for "acer support + blogger", did not visit any other posts on this blog and the comment added nothing to the original post.

The visitor was from iGennie Technical Services Pvt. Ltd. Nodia, Uttar Pradesh, India 

What iGennie say about themselves:
iGennie is an autonomous online computer support provider through remote access for software, and peripherals. We have expertise in handling issues with a huge array of products of third-party companies and brands.

While I have no objection to placing links on this blog, I do object to comments that promote services in a covert manner. I have placed a link to iGennie at the foot of this post so that anyone who actually reads what I have written will see what the comment really meant. I have also re-posted the comment on the the original blog post with the links removed. I clearly state that I will do this on the comment form - another thing that iGennie did not read!

I do have a problem with on-line customer services that provide support in this way as it seems to be just a Business Opportunity. Anyone with a real computer problem is not likely to find the blog post and if they did is unlikely to follow a link made in a comment. In this case, although I have seen others that do, there was no attempt to tie the comment into any form of relevancy to the blog post itself.


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