Thursday, June 28, 2012

AO725-0684 Review

The model did not at the time of this post on the Acer website and only appeared on sites scrapping content from the FutureShop site:
  • - this is an interesting one as it looks like a legit AMD site, but references back to FutureShop.
The above links all have images that have the ConnectPro screen showing on the computer.

The model could probably be an AO722-0684 -  I own an AO722-0468 and it seems to have the identical specifications.

Since the original post an AO722 has shown up on the Best Buy website and weekly flier. This was a 2G RAM model with an AMD C-60 APU.

So, maybe it is not a misprint. I do recommend this unit as it is all you really need in a laptop. I am typing this from a very similar 11.6" Acer.


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Surabaya said...

can ao722 bios running on ao725

As far as I can see the AO725 is pretty much the same as the AO722 - so I would guess that the BIOS is pretty similar.

However, the BIOS UEFI is an Insyde H2O version and has NO HIDDEN MENUS. As such there is nothing to unlock and AMD-V cannot be enabled (even if the C-60 APU supports it - I must admit that I haven't checked)