Thursday, June 28, 2012

Creating a website to discredit a company or individual

Just because you may have done this it doesn't mean that if you find a website that mentions your name or company that it was created to discredit you or your company.

There are many cases where this is the case, domains such as and have existed at some time. They are probably blocked now as this is one of the aspects of impersonation  that is hotly pursued by companies that have had domains registered with names based on their company name or very close to it.

I was thinking that my website may have appeared that way if you were searching for your name or company and happened to find it. This was mainly due to the limited menu system that I was using and the fact that there was no search or way to determine the number of pages that comprised the site (however, if you made a Google Site: Search you would have seen that there were thousands of pages).

So far there are almost 1,000 posts on this blog. There were many more pages on my website. It is my intention that the relevant pages from the website are re-posted on The Technology Muse.

Registration of a Domain  Name:

Frankly the registration of a domain that is similar to the company that is targeted with just the word scam or sucks appended to it doesn't really show much thought has gone into the attack and it is obvious that the website is one that is created to discredit the original company. It is far better to choose a name that is far more subtle. In any case for an attack of this type to be successful the site needs to be promoted or else nobody will see it.

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