Wednesday, June 20, 2012

RPi - June update

I continue to get visits from those that are trying to find out information on the Raspberry Pie computer.

I must admit that I have lost a bit of my interest in that I have moved on to other things and what I wanted to do with the RPi are not certain in their feasibility. For example, I could mock up what I am trying to do on a Linux box that I have sitting in my basement. I can configure the necessary Samba shares and I could populate the drives with media. What is stopping me is that I remain to be convinced that either Linux Samba Shares or Windows HomeGroup networking are going to do what I want to do.

I am currently of the opinion that technology has to move on from the perspective of the main-stream such that what I am trying to do becomes common-place. The solution that I have at the moment, swapping out HDDs from Media Center to another, is working well for me. The drives that I acquired for the RPi project have even been used in the manner that I started out. My dream is to have everything networked but I am highly skeptical that it has been achieved. It is a while since I have read the "home gadget press" that claims to have everything working. I know the theory behind all this, I just doubt that it works in practice.

I really should re-register on the RS Components website that I am interested in the RPI. As far as I know the boards are now freely available and all I need to do is order one. I was on the mailing list to be informed when I was eligible to purchase one but the email that I used to register had to be "canned". If, for some strange reason, you are reading this and have managed to order and receive an RPi please email me (or make a comment on this post) and tell me. It may renew my interest in the RPi.

At the present time I see the RPi as little more than an exercise in politics (on the part of the U government - w.r.t. furthering the "art of programming") and a marketing exercise by Seneca College in Toronto and the retailers RS Components and Premier Farnell. 

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