Tuesday, June 26, 2012

If you are concerned that your government is seeing what you are saying online

The use of Tor and Torbutton.

This post was prompted by a couple of visits from Damascus to my post on "Update to TorButton breaks GeoIP". The visitor did not click on the linked posts.

A little explanation of how Tor and the Torbutton works with your browser and Internet connection is in order.

First of all you do not need to use TorButton to use Vidalia Tor. Torbutton is merely an add-on that allows you to toggle your connection through the Tor Network (i.e. you can either connect through Tor or connect directly by the click of your mouse).

Tor can be used to minimize the chances of regimes such as the Assad government intercepting your communications. The fact that I have seen people looking for information on TorButton from that part of the world means, to me, that there is a requirement for citizens to make sure what they are saying to remain private.

TorButton has been shown to have problems with current or newer versions of Firefox. This does not mean that Tor cannot be used effectively. In fact, Tor can be used with any browser including Microsoft I.E., Google Chrome and Opera. It is just that the download from the Vidalia/Tor Onion Project have been pre-configured for use with Firefox. TorButton is an add-in that ONLY works (when it does) with Firefox.

The configuration of Tor for secure communications is a little more involved when you use a browser other than Firefox and I would recommend that you use Firefox if you are unfamiliar with the netwprk settings of these other browsers.

However, I would recommend that if you want to setup a secure communication system that you download the Tor Browser Package as that will require the minimum of configuration and knowledge on how things work.

Downloading the current Tor Browser package:

The version of Firefox included in the current Tor Browser package is 10.0.5 ESR. It is known that TorButton has problems with Firefox versions 11 and newer.

The version of TorButton:

There is a working verison of TorButton that works with the version of Firefox in the Tor Browser Package. Version 1.4.6

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