Thursday, June 28, 2012

More on using the Tor Browser Package

My experiment here was to get Tor to exit in a specific country as opposed to the somewhat random nature of the default configuration. It was surprisingly easy.

This experiment was using the current Tor Browser Package (June 2012) - the target country that appears to be where the originating the access was Bosnia Herzegovina. This was chosen as I was not familiar with the flag in the TorStatus report. The IP address, or rather the exitserver name was taken from a TorStatus report.
 The page that I was testing the origin of a visit was one of my recent ones related to the use of Tor and possible Lawful Interception research by either Syria or the UAE:

Notice that the menu items for Blogger are not in English

This was done by adding a couple of lines to the torrc file. This was the file that was downloaded with the "stock" browser package. Here is it shown in my program editor:

The ExitNode chosen from the TorStatus report was CityElder

The result as seen in the Google Analytics report:

Here we see that the visit was from Bosnia and Herzegovia

This is not meant to be a step-by-step, as I saw requested in the Tor Blog, but rather an illustration that it can be done.


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