Wednesday, June 20, 2012

If you think that you have information about yourself removed from the Web by Google

.... then you could be mistaken.

If you have made a complaint to Google that there is a blogger that is slandering you and your companies and the information seems to have been removed from the blog in question then you may have concluded that the emails that you sent Google have been responded to and the pages or posts that you object to, as they contain your name, have been removed by them.

You are wrong. In fact if you have asked Google to remove the content they are now well aware of the nonsense that your requests have represented. If by the reporting of your name, your business activities, your home address and email (both of which you have used for business and therefore are in the public domain), has caused you offence, then you should have thought about that before you started this charade.

It is my opinion that your antics need to be brought out into the open. I dread to think the number of other times you have tried these tactics and have
got away with it.

I could be wrong but every time I see your visits looking for posts about you I also see visits from Santa Clara. As I have said before this may well be a coincidence but Google are headquartered in Santa Clara county, Mountainview. If these are visits from Google they are in fact taking your claims seriously. However, should you try this again, with me or some other blogger or website that writes deparaging things about you, they will know your measure.

I, on the other hand, have never conducted business on the Internet. So it is my privacy that you should respect. You have had various web presences with respect to businesses and as such.

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