Friday, December 16, 2016

Another lie

That I launch attacks on those that are not in a position to defend themselves. Posting things about individuals that are not true, for reasons that are not clear, apart from the fact that I "get off on it!".

At no time have I done this. All I have done is to report my findings. If names came to light they could be included in my reports. There has always been a method that those named could contact me and if their claim of misrepresentation was warranted I replied to their request. The method of reply may have not been what they expected and instead of an email or a phone call I may have modified my report and explained my position in more detail.

I do not "do" phone calls. If you call someone these days they will have your number and will be able to call you back even if you have no reason to talk with them again. Even worse, they can then post your telephone number to the Internet for anyone that finds it to call you. This is fundamentally different from having your home number already readily known on the Internet as you carry out a business from your home address. Your address and telephone number can be found by another method.

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