Thursday, December 22, 2016

TAILS - Privacy for everyone anywhere

Pretty much every time there is an article on the Guardian that relates to national security the use of TAILS is mentioned by one of the commenters.

The pre-packaged GNU desktop with tools such as the TOR Browser, Icedove email client, Pidgin instant messaging and KeePassX password manager.

I think that this all goes to illustrate that there are a lot of paranoid Guardian readers out there. It may seem that I am (paranoid or have something to hide) with all my writings on this subject, however, it is the fact that I think that this all pretty much irrelevant. While I am not saying that there is no need for tools such as TAILS and TOR, I am saying that most Internet users don't need to bother with such programs. I would also go on to say that these tools are not much use to the terrorist of cyber criminal as they will either use Social Engineered methodologies or attempt to blend into the background.

It is said that the use of tools such as TOR is a "red flag" to the authorities but I am not so sure. In any case there are other means that communications can be made secure. These do not need to be that sophisticated and could use well established encryption techniques.

If someone, or a group, who is "up to no good" wanted to communicate such that others could not read what they are saying to each other they could use a "regular" relay and simply encrypt their messages. To the outside world the communication would look pretty much the same as all the other traffic.

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