Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Yahoo Hacks revealed in 2016

I seem to think that I was reporting on this in early 2014. There was a spat of  emails from 2013.ROGERS.Support Team that claimed that your mailbox was full and you needed to upgrade. This email came from an Eastern European country and if clicked on your account was compromised.

I know this as I helped out a number of friends who did just that. I was not using Rogers/Yahoo mail and I was highly suspicious of the email and I blogged about it at the time (look back in the blog archive or search for it).

The irony here is that similarly to Rogers, British Telecom use the Yahoo mail engine for their mail offerings. Another good reason that I didn't continue with BT, apart from the fact that they could not provide an Internet connection above 0.4M/sec at our location.

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