Thursday, December 8, 2016

Core Data Recovery and OneWorldSafeDisk

This has been partially answered! See my later posts about a communication that I had in December 2016.

I was told to remove untruths about the relationship - but there seemed to be a clear connection to me.
The "certain person" cannot claim to be the champion of data recovery at the Innovation Place and then I find that the person listed as the principle of CDR is listed under the OneWorldOffice moniker in LinkedIn.

As I say this was not answered. Or are you saying that I made all this up? and it is just one of my lies.
It maybe the case that the "certain person" is no longer associated with CDR but there was a connection in the past and that was all that I was pointing out.

Just because you don't like something that someone posts on the Internet the way to get it removed is not to threaten them.

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