Friday, December 16, 2016

Facebook must think that we are stupid

I constantly get emails from Facebook saying "do I know xyz?" I can see how they might determine this by the profiles that I may have viewed and what I have looked and searched for on the Internet. If this is being collected as the result of what cookies are on my computers I consider this a gross invasion of privacy.

Now I am getting emails that say:
The fastest way to find all of your friends on Facebook is importing your email contacts. Once you've imported your contacts you can view, manage or delete them at any time

They must be kidding, if I import my contact list that would give Facebook permission to contact all of the people on that list and ask if they knew me!

I don't believe that I would be able to manage or deleted them at any time. Once FB had this information it will be there forever. Basically, I DON'T FACEBOOK - never have and never will.

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