Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Christmas message for Wayne

Do you really think that I have been having Seepless Nights?

As far as the "shit" that I have done popping up - as I say (and did you) all that I have done is to express my "insights". This was not to discredit anyone. If there was a criticism that surely it could be addressed with resorting to the tactics that you have lowered yourself?

I was not trying to "expose" anyone, unless the mention of them was in itself an exposure. Surely if those mentioned were innocent then their actions can be defended? When I see something that I don't understand I research it and inevitably other names and companies come to light in that  research. What was I supposed to do, not mention those names and companies as I "didn't have the full story"? Again, I repeat if those persons that I came across could not defend themselves why does it fall to you to do it for them? Are they afraid of you?

This is not a diversion to deflect any misdeeds that I may have perpetuated. I simply resent the fact that my comments on your activities met such a hostile reaction. I can only conclude that this is a symptom of a far greater underlying problem that you have,  Certainly, those that I have communicated with, that you have not poisoned, seem to agree.

On the subject of a "prestigious work environment", you are NOT out of the University Innovation Place - you may have had an office there but you cannot claim any of their credit.

I am surprised that you know what the word diatribe means. Sorry, saying that I think that you are "full of it" is hardly a diatribe. You seem incapable of a reasoned and rational argument and have to resort to profanity when you are challenged. I have done nothing but to criticise you and I have NEVER threatened you. I cannot afford you the same courtesy. I may have used a pseudonym, but hasn't everyone? You seem to be the master at this with theramman etc.

You might be asking yourself why am I so interested in you? Well, if you had ever taken the time to look around my website you would have seen that I have many pages relating to how people use the Internet. What they expect they can and cannot do with respect to the influence of what you post on a website or Social Media, You have become a prime example of what I have been posting about all along.

As it is the "season of goodwill to all men" I have to make an exception of Wayne McAlpine. I wish no such blessing on him. It is strange that he is the only one who I have contempt for, and I am are one of two (of all the billions in this world) who have anything bad to say about Wayne McAlpine.

Happy Christmas Wayne - hopefully Santa will bring you all you wanted!


Martin said...

I doubt if Wayne McAlpine can sleep soundly at night.

UK Musings said...

It seems that this post has become popular June 2017.

After what was a short length of time there was a waning (sic) in the interest in this blog and my website for Saskatoon. Now it seems that there is a renewed interest in looking to see what I have posted in 2017. (Strange as this post was originally made in December 2016).

I still maintain that you should not do business with Wayne McAlpine and anyone associated with him, that still includes Joshua Sham and Anthony Mannella. While I seem to have reached peace with Joshua, as we have been talking outside the McAlpine loop, but Mannella is no man enough to even contact me! Perhaps Wayne McAlpine, if he is reading this, needs to contact "all that I have done wrong" and see what they have been up to. Joshua has at least tried to distance himself from Wayne, Anthony has remained quiet and I presume is of the opinion that Wayne has done nothing wrong.