Saturday, December 24, 2016

Sleepless nights

Do you really think that this is the case?

As far as the "shit" that I have done popping up - as I say (and did you) all that I have done is to express my "insights". This was not to discredit anyone. If there was a criticism that surely it could be addressed with resorting to the tactics that you have lowered yourself?

I was not trying to "expose" anyone, unless the mention of them was in itself an exposure. Surely if those mentioned were innocent then their actions can be defended? When I see something that I don't understand I research it and inevitably other names and companies come to light in that  research. What was I supposed to do, not mention those names and companies as I "didn't have the full story"? Again, I repeat if those persons that I came across could not defend themselves why does it fall to you to do it for them? Are they afraid of you?

This is not a diversion to deflect any misdeeds that I may have perpetuated. I simply resent the fact that my comments on your activities met such a hostile reaction. I can only conclude that this is a symptom of a far greater underlying problem that you have,  Certainly, those that I have communicated with, that you have not poisoned, seem to agree.

On the subject of a "prestigious work environment", you are NOT out of the University Innovation Place - you may have had an office there but you cannot claim any of their credit.

I am surprised that you no what the word diatribe means. Sorry, saying that I think that you are "full of it" is hardly a diatribe. You seem incapable of a reasoned and rational argument and have to resort to profanity when you are challenged. I have done nothing but to criticise you and I have NEVER threatened you. I cannot afford you the same courtesy. I may have used a pseudonym, but hasn't everyone? You seem to be the master at this with theramman etc.

You might be asking yourself why am I so interested in you? Well, if you had ever taken the time to look around my website you would have seen that I have many pages relating to how people use the Internet. What they expect they can and cannot do with respect to the influence of what you post on a website or Social Media, You have become a prime example of what I have been posting about all along.

As it is the "season of goodwill to all men" I have to make an exception of Wayne McAlpine. I wish no such blessing on him. It is strange that he is the only one who I have contempt for, and I am are one of two (of all the billions in this world) who have anything bad to say about Wayne McAlpine.

Happy Christmas Wayne - hopefully Santa will bring you all you wanted!

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