Friday, December 23, 2016

Gerix WiFi Cracker

There was another search for this today. I am not sure what some Internet users expect to find when they search for such tools?

Still, the fact that the search showed in my Google Analytics report was a good opportunity to review the page but posting a link to it here. While I realise that this does nothing for my page ranking for such pages, I have added the nofollow attribute to the link, it does provide a good way of filling this blog with posts that are relevant to my interests and the min theme of

Posting in such a way hopefully will reflect to the true nature of my website and reveal that it is not some petty "revenge" tactic to discredit some other web user. To do this I consider to be a complete waste of time, something that I do have a lot of but I am surprised that there are many others do. I would think that there are far better ways of spending their time.

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