Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Without prejudice

As an example of the nonsense of what a certain person thinks about me I am posting the last communication from him:

Without prejudice

Like I had expressed to you earlier I was not going to engage with you during the Christmas season now that has ended for me I will be back in focus I see that you have put up many things which gives me a lot more proof that you are trying to deflate the truth I assure you the truth will set you free I've been quiet for too long with your abuse and your skullduggery I am sure that the public will be happy to see the other side of the story The factual one I no longer am Bound by my partners to tell me not to go after you for the lies that you have been spreading but instead everybody is urging and engaging me to bring the truth forward about you and the world will see you for whom you are

I truly do hope the best for you in 2017

As I have stated many times in the past I have not made any of this up! As for abuse and skullduggery all I have done is to present my findings and communications from this person and his associates.

I very much doubt that "everyone" is urging you to bring the "truth" about me forward. The truth is that I have done nothing wrong apart to criticise you and your methods. I am not sure what "the other side of the story" means for you? Perhaps you mean the threats that I have made to you if you refuse to take back some of the things that I have said about you? Perhaps you mean the creation of a website(s) with the SOLE purpose of discrediting you? Perhaps you mean my use of a pseudonym in writing to people that you appear to be associated?

I have made no threats.
My websites are NOT solely about you
It is common practice to use a pseudonym (in fact, isn't it "the pot calling the kettle black" when you write to me as")
You are no longer Bound by partners as you have none - they have all disowned you like rats leaving the sinking ship"!

See me as I really am? I am just someone who thinks that the truth needs to be known. Prove that what I have said about you is not true.

I wish you the worst for the rest of your life.

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