Friday, December 9, 2016

I see that the post about me sending in a hard drive has been taken down

Well at least the original one. There is still a version posted by Wayne McAlpine that states that he contacted me about a drive that I supposedly sent him. Wayne McAlpine is a liar.

There was no drive and it certainly didn't contain images of either bestiality or having sex with young boys.

The claim that the RCMP had been contacted but Wayne and Oneworld could not proceed as they didn't have the evidence was also a lie. If they are found out they have committed a serious offence.

I knew I should have made a copy of the page, I guess now it will be used as an example of me making up stories about him.

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Dickey Cres Resident said...

I presume that you are referring to Wayne McAlpine?

We have had to put up with his nonsense for far too long! Please continue to post about him, hopfully there will be something done to stop his antics.