Saturday, December 31, 2016

Freedom of speech

It is a little sad that there are some that don't understand the concept. Or they are of the mind that it doesn't apply to them. For most people Freedom of Speech means the right to say what you like as long as it is legal. This includes criticism of those that you find objectionable and as long as you do not libel or slander them. Accusing them of such as a defence is no defence and you have to have proof that this defence is actually the truth.

I have written in the past of legal proceedings that are launch or threatened by those that wish to silence naysayers. The theory here is to both intimidate the accused to withdraw a comment or a statement and if they don't a suit will be initiated against them. This is usually accompanied by the use of a lot of legal jargon and possibly the employment of a lawyer or law firm.

Google make it pretty clear on what they mean by Free Speech and will not remove content from blogs just because someone complains as they don't like what is being said about them.

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