Monday, December 5, 2016

Why the renewed interest

This is partially due to the attentions of a certain person from Fort Worth, Texas - who I have never directly talked to. The other reason is that I was also contacted by another person or persons that have lost patience in the person I was interested in.

I will not mention your name, you know who you are and you seem to think that it is good tactic to post a persons name and make up stories about them so that they can be found on the Internet. The registration of domains in the name of the person or their company is also one of the tactics used by the person I am interested in.

I have no business with this person and I don't really care what you fabricate about me. I do not have a business and, yes, I do have time on my hands. As I said before, this is a hobby for me and I have not made any false statements and only reported what I had found making Internet searches.

You can't demand to have something removed from the Internet just because you don't like it! To continue to use a person's name and invent things about them is intimidation.

I have never lost interest in this person, it has been my desire all along to provide a means by which those who wanted to find out more information about him a means to do so. Over the years that he has been on my radar screen he, or those that have been interested in him, have continued to visit my website and this blog. I can only assume that there is a reason for this. If, for example, he hadn't tried to make me remove information on him or continued to visit my website and blog I would have probably moved-on. He didn't, so this is the result.

I repeat that I have no business or reputation to discredit, so the posting of things that are patently not true about me online is pointless.

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