Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Commenting on a dubious business

This is what started this all.

Having purchased a hard drive from my local Canada Computers I was curious to see a Data Recovery insurance policy for an extra $14.99. This seemed a little suspicious so I decided to do some research on my return from the store as there was no way that I was interested in purchasing the policy.

Looking at the product description it was saying that the data on the drive would be fully recovered for the very low one-off premium. Looking at other similar services I confirmed in my own mind that this was a little optimistic. I posted my findings on this blog. Very soon after there was a comment made on that blog posting from someone who was claiming that he had used the service and had his data recovered. This person eventually turned out to be an employee of the person that then also contacted me and wanted me to call him so that he could explain all about OneWorldSafeDisk.

As I hadn't bought his product, and I was convinced that it was worthless, I had no interest in talking to him.

It was that earlier post that "the person of interest" complained to Google about

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