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The Truth about Wayne McAlpine Repost

Update December 2016

Wayne is still up to his old tricks

Wayne McAlpine is a bully and appears to stop at nothing to get his way. He has threatened me at least twice with "dirty tricks" unless I removed negative commentary about him and his companies.
He engaged in at least two campaigns of intimidation to try to get me to do so. The first he thought that I was an employee of an auto shop and the second an incorporated company.

The incident started out with a comment that I made about the viability of the OneWorldDataRecovery service. All I said was that I thought that it sounded too good to be true. I was right.

"..... lets get on a call together about safe disk. It was a joint venture between bit defender and oneworld to help drive their sales and the project failed. Anyone that purchased safe disk insurance was dealt with. The volumes were not there to support the company, which almost bankrupted the company" 
The comment on my blog was responded to by Wayne himself and one of his employees, Johsua Sham. Joshua Sham was posing as a "satisfied customer".

I did not talk with either Wayne McAlpine or Joshua Sham at the time and I eventually pulled the blog postings as I got bored with the response that it was getting from visitors to the blog. That would have been an end to it, however, I then received a number of emails and information from someone who claimed to be a former associate and/or employee of Wayne McAlpine. This led me to re-post some of the information and look deeper into OneWorld Networks.

It would appear that my first assessment of Wayne McAlpine was correct.
Subsequently to my original posting on OneWorldDataRecovery I found some (what I thought was interesting) information that related to the securing of web forms. This observation was not meant as a criticism of Wayne McAlpine or OneWorld, however, the reaction to finding this information says a lot about how Wayne McAlpine and his companies operate.

As an example, here is a comment that was left on my original blog post on my doubts on the OneWorldDataRecovery product:
Wow, this guy Wayne McAlpine is a real jerk. If that's the response when you ask for help with their software, imagine what will happen when you send your drive to him for a recovery. 

The comment was in response to the link that another visitor to the blog posted that related to an example of how Wayne does business - this time it was in relation to OneWorldStoreFront software.

An example of how Wayne carries out customer service. Please note that the screenshot above is NOT my words they were taken from the link sent to my blog (see above)

There is also another name Rick Heidrick listed with a 1wn email - I am not sure if this is related (I really don't care)

On the subject of OneWorldStoreFront, again something that I have no interest in, another poster of a comment on my blog (most likely Bill P under the name peterathome) - there was another diatribe from Wayne regarding that:
More evidence of continued harassment brought to the police. Including Peterathome.

First of all the program was written by mr. Hithenboggen who now has mall 23 and who was the lead programmer on the one world storefront. Candy press stole the base code from oneworld, got caught and then proceeded to build in .net to avoid a lawsuit. The code started off as an ecommerce exchange for another business.
Canypress originated from free version of comersus cart where they added a few modules. The backend design was stolen from oneworldstorefront. So get your facts straight before you fling your bs.

I really don't care about all this and am really not interested in what the origin of the OneWorld product or CandyPress - I do take exception to the BS reference (however, this could be aimed at peterathome)
The reason that the anonymous comments (quoted in green above) are re-posted here is that I deleted the original blog posting and I think that a full paper-trail needs to be presented.

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