Sunday, December 11, 2016

Time on my hands

This is true. It is called retirement. It gives me all the time in the world to reflect on my life. It gives me time to review some of the nonsenses that have gone on in recent months and to respond to them.

It as only been relatively recently that I have had cause to pursue an issue that crossed my path merely due to the fact that it just didn't seem right to me. I had no preconceived motive for this point of view all I did was to purchase some computer hardware and make a comment on what I saw was an unrealistic claim on another related product. My failure to respond to the communication that ensued resulted in a large amount of animosity from a certain individual which then escalated into a full-blow attack by him.

In hindsight I probably should have just let it go and then move-up. But, I am not like that. My partner tells her friends that it is not her that they should be careful not to get onto bad terms with it is me that they should look out for. She tells them that I am the indicative one and once I had my teeth into something it is not likely that I will let it go. This coupled with the fact that I see no down-side risk in the pursuit of this defence of what I originally called out a wrong. I do not have a business, I am retired and don't have a career or reputation to protect. I don't have family to protect so there is no risk there that they will be approached and intimidated.

I really don't understand the efforts that the person I am criticising is putting into this. Quite frankly I also wonder why I do either. Still, it keeps me amused and it is not costing me anything. The same can be said of my website, this is just a hobby and I use it to "keep me end in" and stimulate the old grey cells. It has no consequence and is mainly visited by those that really know no better. As I say it dos keep me current and I am genuinely interested in the subject matter.

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