Thursday, December 15, 2016

Disturbing Images (the basis of the Sexual Predator accusation)

As the accusation was made by Wayne McAlpine I cannot let it just rest. I know that this will be another case of me making things up, but there you are you are quite at liberty to make that assumption. The question is: What possible reason would I have for making it up? I guess it could be that it is true and all I am doing is to cover it up!

The lie goes like this:
I purchased the OneWorldSafeDisk data recovery card at the same time that I purchased a hard drive from Canada Computers. The same time, or very soon after the purchases I experienced a drive failure and sent that drive in to The Innovation Place facility in Saskatoon that was run by OneWorld to have the data recovered.
While at the OneWorld facility files of a "disturbing nature" were found amongst the recovered files. These files contained images of paedophilia and bestiality. The staff at Oneworld contacted me and I was evasive about the existence of this material and was uncooperative about who had access to the computer that the drive was installed.
OneWorld's findings were reported to the RCMP to which the response that they could not proceed with the case due to the fact that the evidence could not be produced due to the nature of the data recovery process.
OneWorld decided not to pursue the issue as they decided that I was medically unfit and some other reason that currently escapes me.

The questions that I have about this lie are many.
  1. How did I manage to experience a drive failure so soon after the purchase of a new drive. Presumably I would have transferred the "disturbing images" from another drive on installing the new drive, so I would have had a backup and therefore didn't need to have the files recovered. Or I downloaded the "disturbing" material in the short time between the drive replacement and sending it in for recovery.
  2. If  I did have "disturbing images" on a drive surely the last thing that I would do is to send that drive to a third party that I did not know and probably not trusted.
  3. Why would I send a drive into a company that I had posted my doubts on the viability of their product? I made this observation at the time of the purchase of the hard drive. I DID NOT purchase the disk recovery insurance card.
In addition, this story, the lie above, was invented in 2016 after the entry of another business encounter was quoting my research on Oneworld. Prior to this time, 2011 and 2012, this story did not exist. If it were a representation of the truth why was it not brought up at that time?

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