Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Visits from Saskatoon

Another page for review.

It is difficult to know who is actually visiting as I am sure that there are other residents of Saskatoon that are upset with the antics of that "certain person".

I cannot believe that there are not others who would like to see this person held to account? The sort of person who seems to carry out his daily life bullying those that don't comply to his twisted view of the world. The sort of person who thinks that if he can discredit someone who challenges him they will withdraw. The sort of person who registers Internet domains and creates websites in the names of those he has a disagrees with, posting things that are often not true. The sort of person that makes up a story about a hard drive that he says that I sent him with "disturbing images" on it, and then claims that he had informed the RCMP (but they could not proceed as he didn't have any evidence - that is because it didn't exist!). The sort of person that on reading a comment that his business offering sounded a little too good to be true then launched an intimidation campaign when I refused to talk to him on the phone (I had already heard that he had a "potty mouth")...... Need I go on?

If you are someone that knows this person and would like to make an anonymous comment please feel free. In addition, if you send me an email, anonymously if you like as it won't appear on this blog, I will be happy to hear your side of the story.

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